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2013 06 18 DESIGN ME AUSTRIA Tage der Zukunft ♦ Global Day The Big Picture : Perspektiven von Zukunftsforschern und globalen Initiativen,25,0,0,0,en_s_1_tue-18.06.-/

Global Day " The Big Picture"
(English with translation to German)
8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Perspektiven von Zukunftsforschern und globalen Initiativen
in cooperation with

The topic of the second "Day of the Future" on June 18th is "Global Cooperation". In cooperation wit the international initiative "Design me a Planet" around Michel Saloff- Coste und "Dragon Dreaming Austria" with John Croft a "Big Picture" of worldwide coherences is going to be painted. Additionally live-broadcasts with Ervin László, Alexandre Rojey, Alain Gauthier and Herman Gyr are planned.

In the evening the Carinthia International Club is hosting an „International Come Together"

This research program for exploring long-term future is being designed as a unique place in the world, where an interdisciplinary, international and cross-organisational team interacts on a continuing, networked basis to explore a diversity of possible scenarios for the long-term future and their likely implications for local strategy on the short term.
8:30 Begrüßung/Welcoming
8:45 Keynotes „The Big Picture": 

Michel Saloff-Coste (Integral University Paris/France)
Four illusions or "Vanities" on future and ten main narrations on future evolution
Sheherazade Benzerga
How the youth is looking to the future
Ervin László (via video-conference from Italy)
A systemic and integral approach of future: Break down or break through

10:00 Kaffeepause/Coffee Break 
10:30 Statements "Systemic and cultural approaches"

Elisabeth Stumpfoll
Can art save the world?

Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Jana Revedin, Blekinge Institute of Technology Sweden, UNESCO Delegate, LOCUS Foundation
Innovation through participation, "The Radicant City: Participative design for social inclusion with Cairo's Zabbaleen community"
11:30 Best practice and inspiring projects
Ashoka - Mag. Marie Ringler, Ashoka Austria
The Best of the World Network (Maria´s Vision of the Best of the World) – Maria Petrak
Life needs Water: Leben braucht Wasser – Gabriele Stuck
Global-Change-Center - Dr. Miroslav Polzer
Tree-Dome-Project - Dr. Günther Karner
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00 Statements "Future of the finance system"
Statements „The vision of a sustainaible finance system"
Helmut F. Karner 

Arbeitsgruppe Föhrenbergkreis 
Günther Robol 
Stefan Gara 
Erhard Glötzl

15:30 Kaffepause/Coffe Break

16:00 Statements "Future of society"

Alexandre Rojey (via video conference from France)
The future of energy and civilization

Alain Gauthier (via video conference from the USA)
The future of leadership: evolutionary co-leadership

Herman Gyr (via video conference from Paolo Alto)
How to be creative and think out of the box

17:00 The Harvest of The Global Day:
John Croft, Founder of Dragon Dreaming


Abends /in the evening

International Come Together 
19.00 Uhr
In cooperation with Carinthian International Club – Mag. Rosalia Krautzer, Summer University Carinthia – Peter Weidinger, Thomas Melcher und  Plattform „Kärnten/Koroška/Carinthia and the World" – Dr. Miroslav Polzer
Impulsreferat von Dr. Herta Stockbauer - BKS Bank AG
Statements from Barbara Marx-Hubbard (via Skype) John Croft and speakers from our cooperation-partners


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