vendredi 17 mai 2013

How can we create new ways to respond to crisis?

How can we create new ways to respond to crisis? If you are considering joining the next Learning Village in Denmark taking place at Vallekilde Folk Highschool June 2-6th please sign up NOW - or before Friday May 24 - at the web-site Meet representatives from parliament and Energy Academy Samso, University College South Denmark, Global Stories, The Art of Hosting, Occupy World Street, Odsherreds Theatre, 'From crisis to possibility', Nature Conservation Denmark, 'Omstilling Danmark', Staging Transitions, Transitiontime and the media. Famous cook-book writer Tina Scheftelowitz has offered to prepare the food and share her skills. Polina Fradkina, renowned Russian pianist, will weave her music with the dialogues. Hoping to see you. Don't miss it.
From Crisis to Possibility
4-day practice for pioners of change and citizens concerned about transformation, citizenship, collectiveness and new kind of public dialogue.Price: 2500 kr -…

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