mardi 14 mai 2013

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Solving US debt ceiling issue

In an article on the website "Common Dreams" Ross outlines a remarkably simple solution to the ongoing debacle regarding the US debt Ceiling. The solution highlights some aspects of the debt issue that have not received the attention they deserve. Read the article here.

Seminar on the New Economy in Olso

Recordings of a seminar Ross gave in Oslo in September 2012 has been released and can be seen here: Part I: Problems (English speak starts at 3:00 min.), Part I continued,  and: Part II: Solutions. Also visit thenorwegian homepage "Grøn Hverdag" (Green Living) who released the material.

Book of the Month

Occupy World Street has been chosen "Book of the Month" by Global Foresight Books, calling it "an ambitious and original book" and "remarkable and timely".

In their extensive review they compare it to the previous "Book of the Month" called "Abundance", which focuses on exponential growth technology and discuss the stark differences between these two idealistic books.

Listen also to Ross' TEDx talk in the UK, shown above and his song "Occupy World Street" that has enthused people whereever he has played it.

Approaching a breaking point?

New blog: Who will be the first nation to act? Coming back from a disappointing Rio+20 summit, Ross Jackson presents a new vision for how a single nation might take the first step and set a new agenda.

If you are wondering how Greece will fare you might want to Read Ross's earlier blogs on how the Euro crisis is going to get ugly and Wealth without Health which highlight the gross misunderstandings that guide policy making at present. The stakes are enormous and even though the financial crisis was precipitated through the unfortunate side effects of neoliberal cowboy economics, politicians continue down this irresponsible path with equally irresponsible cutbacks, precipitating unfortunate side effects to the common man, while capital groups buy up capital assets at bargain prices.

At Occupy World Street we are preparing a series of interactive dialogues and training programs to deepen the insight amongst those interested in creating a holistic world order. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter, and we will keep you posted.

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