mercredi 16 avril 2014


What are your thoughts and emotions if you think back to your time at university? Do you think it's time again for a renewal in academia? Well - we certainly do! It is time to introduce integral ways to renew the academic mainstream education system in all of its branches, from business schools to general academic scholarship practice. Let's embrace more of reality by engaging with more of reality in Self, Culture and Nature - with methods for the I, WE, and IT/S, thereby fostering a flourishing of more Beauty, Goodness and Truth in Academia.

Check out our exciting thematic sections on ACADEMIC RENEWAL out of our huge program (5 Keynotes, over 90 presentations in 25 thematic sections, 38 workshops, 5 community events, facilitated networking etc) of the 1st Integral European Conference.

ACADEMIC RENEWAL 1 (Saturday, May 10) - How can we renew academia in an integral manner?

- Paula Soares (Portugal) - Visions of Integral Creativity as a Paradigm Shift for 21st Century Academia
- Tara Wernsing (Spain) - Transforming Leadership Development in MBA Education: An Integral Leadership Application.
- Prof. Dr. Kazuma Matoba/Dr. Anna Storck (Japan/Germany) - FUGIC- Flying University of Global Integral Competence
- Eugene Pustoshkin (Russia) - Integral Scholarship-Practice for Engagement with the All-Unity of Reality

ACADEMIC RENEWAL 2 (Sunday, May 11) - How can we bring integral into mainstream academic practice?

- Annick Hedlund-de Witt and Nick Hedlund-de Witt (Netherlands) The Integrative Worldview and its Potential for Contemporary Planetary Challenges: An Empirical-Quantitative Exploration in Europe and Beyond
- Gary Hampson (UK) / Felix Hoch (Germany) Integral Multi-Method Research and Metatheory in Academia (working title)
- Juergen Greiner (Germany) Academics Meets Integral
- Matthew Rich-Tolsma (Netherlands) How Can We bring Integral into Mainstream Academic Practice? (working title)

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