mardi 15 décembre 2009

Fwd: Being a Cause for Hope...Beyond Hopenhagen...You R2 WorldShifters Rock!!

Join the global meshwork of networks catalyzing the second Renaissance

A message to all members of R2 Global Meshwork

Dear R2 WorldShifters

It's a beautiful if chilly sunny Sunday here in Perpignan. While hundreds of thousands of activists and politicians whoop it up in Copenhagen, our very own Matthias Lehmann is blogging on the action in the KlimaForum and on the streets, while our WorldShift Alliance PositiveTV partners roam the conference halls for hot soundbites. Just a year ago we were ever so grateful Obama had made it into the White House, now we can only he hope he can deliver a deal along with Presidents Jin-Tao of China, Manmohan Singh of India, Sarkozy of France, Barroso of the EU and other world shaking figures. Yet, at the end of the day, making this happen is going to be up to us and a few billion ordinary citizens just like us.....

Thanks to all of you for your contributions to the R2 Global Meshworks- we are now 273 strong on the meshwork and over 540 worldshifters are now members of R2.

In less than eight months we have gone from our first member, a few photos and one blog post to 634 photos, 273 members, 60 blog posts, 53 forum topics, 44 videos and 18 groups. Google tells us that in eight months we have had the following record-setting traffic through our pages:

In two events we've hosted hundreds of guests and launched over 20 projects. Take a look at the close-ups of the new solar panels here at R2 BASECAMP, on the roof of La Tour, the first of those projects to come to fruition.

The R2 Team would love to see our baby meshwork hit the 300 mark before the end of the year, so with only 27 new members to go, will one of your friends be the lucky one to be no 300?? If they are you are in for a pleasant surprise ;-) (to be announced in our "State of the Meshwork" New Year's address in 2010). Invite away!

Rave reviews for the new books The Great Shift and LifeShift2020, by R2 President and founder Dr Robin Wood

Exclusive Offer for R2 members: a Special Package when you order bothThe Great Shift and LifeShift2020- €30 instead of €40 while stocks last

Before we announce this to the world later this week, we are offering you the first chance to grab the special offer for R2 members on The Great Shift and LifeShift2020- buy both books and get €10.00 off for Christmas and New Year deliveries. (Please note this offer closes 31/01/2010 and is valid while stocks last.)

We would love to hear more about your projects and plans, ideas and success stories. Blogs away! and have a great week.

Your R2 Team

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