jeudi 9 avril 2009

Out of the Box Insight

Objet : Out of the Box Insight

Dear Michel,
To write down my whole personal story and innerchange would be too long but I will ad some Youtube links (outoftheboxinsight, and on Seesmic you can find me under Oobi) that clarify my experience. As well you have an idea of who I am. And as Michael and I expressed on our website, this is all 'not about us' but humanity as a whole on the virge of making a quantumleap.
The financial crisis is not seperate, like nothing is in the universe. But this reality only collapses through innerchange. The transformation of consciousness, that has been going on for a long time already is now increasing and the mankinds egoic created worldorder is in it's final stages of collapse. But out of old new arises. The Q principles shows the tremendous quantumpotential that's still to be unleashed within humankind.
I will make sure you will get the presentation Liberation of Khaos, this is more a presentation that puts a vision on a new economic paradigm into practice. Because what Ervin Laszlo observed we are on the virge of total self destruction or mass collaboration. The G20 does not hold power to make the necessary changes, but I guess I don't have to explain you that.
Looking forward to meet and I will travel down asap to Paris, I'll call later.
Best regards,
Tamara de Callatay

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