jeudi 9 avril 2009

A 2020 Vision: Green the World Economy in Ten Years

Dear Friend of Kosmos,

Kosmos continues to form collaborative partnerships with groups that we believe are essential to our mission of creating a new civilization for the common good. As we ponder the shocking news of the potential danger to civilization of accelerating climate change, we encourage all to be involved. It is clear that governments alone will not solve the 
crisis for us. The time is now for world citizens to step up to the plate and claim our responsibility to protect the global commons. This is why we have partnered with the State of the World Forum and several other groups in this effort. We will be participating in conference calls with Jim Garrison and partners concerning the development of the Forum from now until the November event.

Please make plans to participate with us at the Forum.

Nancy Roof and the Kosmos Team

Kosmos Partners with State of the World Forum
A 2020 Vision:  Green the World Economy in Ten Years

The 2009 State of the World Forum, with a growing network of partners worldwide, is developing the plan that can deal decisively with global warming. This is why you need to be at the 09 Forum November 12-14 in Washington 2009 State of the World Forum.

Put simply: the world must unite in the spirit of John Kennedy's challenge to put a man on the moon, committing ourselves to a crusade to reduce our carbon emissions by 80% by 2020. Nothing less than this will suffice to deliver us from the crisis we have engendered. This 2020 Vision is based on science, it is something all nations everywhere equally need to embrace. It is the only solution to both the crisis of climate change and the renewal of our political economies.  All that is lacking is political will; all that is required is leadership.

If we rise to this challenge, if by 2020 we have radically reduced our CO2 emissions to near zero and have completely shifted the basis of our economies to renewable energy, we will have aligned human civilization with the natural systems of the earth. We will have learned how to survive the turbulence that is surely coming because of the climate change already in effect, and we will have rejuvenated our economic systems by making them ecologically realistic.

We encourage you to become as informed as you can about global warming and urge you to join this campaign. Please register to attend the conference. It will not be a conference as usual with talking heads and big speeches. It will be a working conference of leaders from around the world and a spectrum of disciplines coming together to plan and synergize efforts in an effort, quite literally, to save civilization.

A campaign of this magnitude is worth your involvement.


Jim Garrison
State of the World Forum

Co-Signers from the partnering organizations: Bill Becker, Presidential Climate Action Project; Walter Beebe, New York Open Center; Brent Blackwelder, Friends of the Earth; Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute; Steve Farrell, Humanity's Team; Morel Fourman, Gaiasoft; Richard Hames, Asian Foresight Institute; Jean Houston, Jean Houston Foundation; Jurriaan Kamp, Ode Magazine; Ervin Lazslo, Club of Budapest; Luiz Levy, Forum de Lideres Empresariais; David Martin, M-CAM; Peter Merry, Hague Center for Global Governance; Caroline Myss, CMED; Michael Olmstead, Olmstead Productions; Emilia Qeiroga, State of the World Forum/Brazil; Nancy Roof, Kosmos Journal; Joe Sibilia, CSwire; Robb Smith, Integral Life; Marc Weiss, Global Urban Development; Ralph White, New York Open Center; Ken Wilber, Integral Life.

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