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Fwd: Integral European Conference -- May 8-11 in Budapest

In the past decade, integral consciousness has emerged on a large scale in continental Europe with unique characteristics and diverse cultural articulations. A new structure of consciousness is expressing itself in a wide variety of domains - ranging from psychology, spirituality, economics, ecology, and sustainability to leadership, politics, education, business, community building and beyond. The members of this extended community have been waiting to meet each other. We are giving birth to a European identity of the integral community, empowering Europeans with a significant role in the larger integral global movement. We will also examine where is integral at in Europe and what its new frontiers are.
In this spirit, in the 1st Integral European Conference, held from May 8-11, 2014, we will gather to witness, celebrate and express "The Emergence of Integral Consciousness in Europe". It is estimated that 500 people from approximately 20+ countries, from all across Europe and overseas, will meet in the beautiful capital city of Budapest. The location of Hungary is at the geographical center of Europe, where East and West meet, where both cultures are present, and where both cultures have intertwined.
We invite you to Budapest to be part of the very first Integral European Conference experience. Come share your insights, activity, research results, talent, healing capacity and your heart with us! We will use formats that allow plenty of heart and mind exchange ranging from scientific discussion through short spotlight-presentations to deeper transformative group and community processes. The IEC is designed to not be a purely academic and intellectual conference. At the IEC we will experiment with an integral format where academic science, transformation and the we-space converge; where a knowledgeable, playful and communal marriage of sense and soul consciously meet. Nothing compares to the real encounter, smiles, handshakes and hugs that make life worth living. You will be able to meet and be in conversation with the faces behind the social media profiles. Come as a presenter, workshop leader or participant - be any of these, or all!
Keynotes by:
  • Ken Wilber (via video), world-famous integral philosopher
  • Ervin László, philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, founder of the Club of Budapest
  • Thomas Hübl, internationally acknowledged spiritual teacher
  • Susanne Cook-Greuter, reseacher, leading expert in mature ego development and self-actualization
  • Roger Walsh, professor of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology, best-selling author and wisdom teacher
  • Carine Dartiguepeyrou, member of the Executive board of the Club of Budapest in France, Université intégrale in Paris
Featured Presenters and Workshop Leaders:
Bence Gánti, John Bunzl, Anouk Brack, Raquel Torrent, Eugene Pustoshkin, Peter Merry, Peter Mc Nab, Kazuma Matoba, Sean Wilkinson, Paul Marshall, Matthew Rich, Annick & Nick Hedlund-de-Witt, Stefan Schoch, Veit Lindau
Key Non-European Contributors:
Terry Patten, John Dupuy, and Marilyn Hamilton
Program and formats:
  • 5 major keynotes
  • over 90 presentations (academic and general presentations)
  • in 25 thematic sections,
  • 38 experiental workshops,
  • 5 community events,
  • dozens of poster presentations
Also featuring:
  • dozens of pre-conference workshops
  • pre-conference boat party on the river Danube
  • social mixers, open spaces
  • entertainment: "Integral Roadshow"
  • traditional Hungarian tribal Guylász party
  • Europe Constellation Ritual
  • Integral Expo
  • IEC Award ceremony for best contributions
  • Global Stage
  • post conference VIP dinner party
  • post-conference 3 day integral sightseeing tour
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"I have looked at the format and it is awesome, simply awesome."
- Ken Wilber
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Official IEC website:
Don't miss this groundbreaking event. We hope to see you in Budapest!
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