jeudi 4 avril 2013

Systems Thinking

ISSS Conference - 14-19 July 2013 - 
We warmly invite you to join us in a unique experience that will contribute significantly to making systems thinking more mainstream. The 57th Annual ISSS World Conference - Curating the Conditions for a Thrivable Planet: Systemic Leverage Points for Emerging a Global Eco-Civilization, Hai Phong City, Viet Nam — 14-19 July 2013, will provide you with an opportunity to contribute to a showcase of advances in systemic sustainability initiatives from around the world with hands-on experience in the UNESCO Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve and at Hai Phong City, the first city in the world to be managed using an integral systems approach.

System Dynamics Conference - 21-25 July 2013 - 
The annual System Dynamics conference brings together people from around the world to share important research and application results and to build the community of those active in the field. For 2013 we return to the Cambridge-Boston area, just minutes from MIT where Jay Forrester conducted his groundbreaking work. The conference, with a theme of Creating the Future from Within, will emphasize prospective studies with a focus on internally generated dynamics.

Systems Thinking World Group Rules - 
Periodically members of Systems Thinking World berate me because I won't approve their post for the discussion segment of the group or because I relegate their submitted post to the promotions tab. If they had read the Group Rules, , a link for which was in the welcome message they received when they joined the group, they would probably have submitted their entry in a slightly different form. 

Every attempt has been made to ensure the interactions at Systems Thinking World remain consistent with the premise and purpose under which the group was formed.

Premise: We believe a systemic perspective provides the best foundation for creating effective approaches for dealing with challenges and shaping a better tomorrow.
Purpose: Create content and foster interactions which further understanding of the value of a systemic perspective and enables thinking and acting systemically.

And every attempt will be made to remain consistent with this premise and purpose in the future.

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