jeudi 23 août 2012

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This summer has broken heat records all over the northern hemisphere, leading to two-thirds of North America experiencing severe to extreme drought conditions, while central Europe and Asia also bake in Saharan temperatures. Spain and other Mediterannean countries have also experienced raging brushfires, and here in the southwest of France we have also had one of the driest years on record. Meanwhile, northern Europe and other parts of the northern hemisphere have experienced wild swings from torrential floods to drought and back again- cold snaps and hot snaps, one after the other.

Here at Renaissance2 we have been researching all of this in great detail, and found several highly informative videos and blogs you should see and read to get to grips with the underlying trends, future prospects, and what is being done to deliver radical shifts in our ability to handle the dangers and challenges we face. See, for example:
Hot summers, wildfires and droughts are no longer anomalies- they are the visible effects of climate change, and more can be expected. James Hansen explains that we should remove all subisidies for all types of energy
By Allen WhiteThe Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings offers an opportunity for credible corporate performance assessmentWhat constitutes corporate sustainability excellence?Two decades after the first Rio conference and in the months following the adjournment of Rio+20, the answer to this most fundamental question remains elusive.Basically, it depends on the respondent. 
by Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board member Howard Bloom. Howard shows us how sustainable innovation is the key to a viable future, and why sustainability from an environmentalist's perspective will never be enough.
The multiple crises human societies experienced in the first decade of the 21st century must be acknowledged as results of our limited perceptions and occluded vision. Thus, these crises we experience are mirroring back to us the need to expand our awareness of the planet which hosts us, one among over 30 million other species that constitute its living biosphere. Stress is evolution's tool, feedback to expand our consciousness which is now accelerating human learning processes far beyond traditional education and acculturation.

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