vendredi 1 juin 2012

Fwd: [18th Summer University Tamera - Towards A New Culture] The youth from Cairo to London, from Greece...

The youth from Cairo to London, from Greece to...
Tamera Healing Biotope I - Portugal31 mai 18:37
The youth from Cairo to London, from Greece to Chile, from Rothschild Avenue, Tel Aviv to Wall Street, New York are looking for new ways out of the crisis.
If the mass protest and revolt movements rising up all over the world today intend to take off together, if life is to win over violence and war, we need a direction, an image, an idea of what might be our common goal.
This book offers an idea of how a future worth living could be. It was written and published more than thirty years ago in Germany and we believe that its time has now come. It is the first time to be published in English. We left it in the political context in which it was written. Through this we want to show that names change, yet the underlying problems remain the same... until we discover how to solve them. How this can be achieved is what this book is all about. It is more relevant today than ever.
Towards a New Culture | MEIGA Publishing House
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