jeudi 26 mai 2011

Fwd: Important Article in this Week's Economist:"Welcome to the Anthropocene"

Objet : Important Article in this Week's Economist:"Welcome to the Anthropocene"

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"Welcome to the Anthropocene: We've changed the way the world works. Now to change the way we think"

What geologists choose to call a period of history normally matters little to the rest of mankind; tussles at the International Commission on Stratigraphy over the boundaries of the Ordovician era do not normally capture headlines. The Anthropocene is different. It is one of those moments where a scientific realisation, like Copernicus grasping that the Earth goes round the sun, could fundamentally change people's view of things far beyond science. It means more than rewriting some textbooks. It means thinking afresh about the relationship between people and their world and acting accordingly.

For humans to be intimately involved in many interconnected processes at a planetary scale carries huge risks. But it is possible to add to the planet's resilience, often through simple and piecemeal actions, if they are well thought through. And one of the messages of the Anthropocene is that piecemeal actions can quickly add up to planetary change.

One of the key missions of Renaissance2 is to enable innovators everywhere, at all levels, to catalyze designs, systems, processes and actions which enhance the resilience of our human civilization together with the natural systems we have become such an intricate part of.

Enjoy this excellent article, and tell us what you believe the top priorities are in your life and career for enhancing our resilience.

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