vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Fwd: R2 Webinars 1 & 2- Make a Living & Make a Difference

Objet : R2 Webinars 1 & 2- Make a Living & Make a Difference

Join the global meshwork of networks catalyzing the second Renaissance

A message to all members of R2 Global Meshwork

Dear R2 Meshworkers

In 24 hours we go live with the first of the R2 webinars, looking at the opportunities in the green economy and how we can adapt our skills and strengths to thrive in the new world that is emerging from the global economic and ecological crises. At 17h30 on 28 October you'll have an opportunity to find out where you could make a great living in the next decade, and on 4 November we'll be discussing synergy and co-creation of careers that we love with the legendary Barbara Marx-Hubbard.

Special offers - we've added a last-minute half-price ticket for any R2 members that need a bit of financial support right now: For only €30 you can gain valuable insights that will make a real difference in your life and career. Click here now to sign up:  then enter the discount code: "luckybreak". See you on the call!

We've also decided to add five free places for those of you who need a big break! If you are currently unemployed or struggling to start your own business, then e-mail us directly at and we will send you a 100% discount code.

Connect with your fellow R2 team members, and enjoy two inspiring, entertaining and opportunity- creating calls. 

Be there, or be square ;-)

Your R2 Team

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