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Fwd: Integral Theory Conference 2010 - Panel Update

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We are extremely pleased to announce our list of panel discussions for the 2010 Integral Theory Conference in Pleasant Hill, California! Along with the academic presentations, these panels are the heart of the conference - providing the opportunity for the integral academic community to engage in critical and mutually enlivening discourse around key questions and issues.

In order to better serve this purpose, we have increased the length of each panel this year to 2 hours, with the last 30 minutes devoted to Q-and-A with the audience. We have also increased our overall number of panels to 22 spread over the three days of the event.
Listed below are the confirmed moderators and participants as well as general topics. As you will note, some of our panels are still being constructed. Also, the topics may be subject to minor change and many panels will add additional participants in the next month or so.
Registration is still available for the conference to be held July 29 - August 1, 2010. 
Our early bird rates will end May 15, 2010. Conference registration is filling up quickly so sign-up now to reserve your spot!  Click here to register.


Mark D. Forman, Ph.D.
Conference Co-Organizer
JFK University
Conference Panel Discussions Links

Integral Politics in the Age of Obama: Jordan Luftig (Moderator), Jeff Salzman, Emine Kiray, Steve McIntosh, Elke Fein, Terry Patten, Greg Wilpert

Integral Ecology and Sustainability: Sean Esbjorn-Hargens (moderator), Gail Hochachka, Michael Zimmerman, Sam Mickey, Karen O'Brien, Tim Winton

Integral Masculinity: Are David Deida's and Warren Farrell's Visions of Masculinity "Integral?": Bert Parlee, William Harryman, Mark Forman, Pelle Billing, Diane Hamilton, Gilles Herrada

Integral Recovery: John Dupuy (moderator), Bill Harris, Cassi Vietan, Erik Keeney, Guy du Plessis, Mickey Eliason

Key Criticisms of Wilber's Work: What is the Achilles Heel of Integral Theory?: Ray Greenleaf (moderator), Frank Visser, Jeff Meyerhoff, Bonnitta Roy, Zak Stein, Sara Ross, Markus Molz

Academia and Spiral Dynamics: Marilyn Hamilton (moderator). Panel under construction

Integral Theory and Subtle Energies: Simon Senzon (moderator), Allan Combs, Scott Anderson, Richard Hartz

Saturday, July 31 - Panels

Integral Feminism: Vanessa Fisher (moderator), Elizabeth DeBold, Marilyn Hamilton, Rebecca Bailin, Claire Zammit

Community Development: Gail Hochachka (moderator), Will Varey, Anna Cowen, Michael Simpson, Lisa Gibson, Julian Gonzalez, Tim Winton

Integral Business Consulting: Translating Integral for the Business World: David Zeitler (Moderator). Panel under construction.

Is Integral a Mass Movement or an Elitist Pursuit? Mark Forman (moderator), Joanne Hunt, Jeff Salzman, Steve McIntosh, Frank Visser

Integral Review Panel: Jonathan Reams (moderator), Bonnitta Roy, Russ Volckmann, Sara Ross, Tom Murray, Markus Molz

What is the Relationship between Integral Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychotherapy?: Ray Greenleaf (moderator), Elliott Ingersoll, Janet Lewis, Andre Marquis, Joanne Rubin, Douglas Tatyryn, Jeffrey Jessum

Child Development Panel:  Miriam Martineau (moderator). Panel under construction.

Integral Research and Methodology: How is Integral Research Different from Mixed Methods?: Nick Hedlund (moderator), Zak Stein, Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Lauren Tenney


Integral Higher Education: Jonathan Reams (moderator), Annie Wilson, Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Olen Gunnlaugson, Nancy Davis, Bence Ganti

Integral Economics: Responding to the Current Financial Crisis: Panel under construction.

Meta-Theory: How Do We Construct and Apply Sound Meta-Theories?:  Bonnitta Roy, Rapheal Foshay, Steven Wallis, Markus Molz, Lauren Tenney

Applying Developmental Theory in Coaching: David Zeitler (moderator), Joanne Hunt, Otto Laske, Laura Divine, Cindy Lou Golin, Bert Parlee, Brian Whetten

Development and Ethics:  Zak Stein, Theo Dawson, Elliott Ingersoll, Mark Forman, Susanne Cook-Greuter, and Roger Walsh

Integral Art Panel: Sean Saiter (moderator).Panel under construction.

Integral Spirituality: What Is the Role of the "Integral" Spiritual Teacher?: David McCallum (moderator), Mariana Caplan, Craig Hamilton, Terry Patten, Diane Hamilton, Tom Thresher

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