vendredi 5 mars 2010

Fwd: Full Steam Ahead to May 27 and the WorldShift Leadership Circle

Objet : Full Steam Ahead to May 27 and the WorldShift Leadership Circle

Join the global meshwork of networks catalyzing the second Renaissance

A message to all members of R2 Global Meshwork

Dear R2 Meshwork Members

We recently returned from three groundbreaking events in Brussels and London. The response from participants was enthusiastic, as we begin to fine-tune exactly what Renaissance2 can do to catalyse and support the challenges, opportunities and projects our most active members are engaged in. The next big step is bringing together all those incredible innovators, leaders, mavericks and change agents in Perpignan together with active R2 members from 30 countries for the WorldShift Leadership Circle from May 27 to 29.

There are ten hot topics which our leading members are engaged in, so these will form the core "tracks" over days 2 and 3 of the R2 WLC event:

1. "RETROFIT" - designing & building/retrofitting resilient habitats and transport systems in existing communities, including social housing

2. "MESHORG" - transitioning modern & post-modern organizations and networks into meshworks, including topics such as holacracy and requisite organizations

3.  "DEEPCOACH"- exploring the frontiers of 21st century coaching including approaches such as integral coaching

4. "TRANSLEAD" - moving beyond integral leadership to transactivist leadership

5. "INTEGOV" - developing more integral systems of governance at local, regional, national and global levels

6. "GREENGROWTH" - rethinking economics and strategy/policy for prosperity through green growth

7. "BIORENEW" - reforestation, biofuels and other applications of cutting edge biology, nanotech and genomics

8. "GREENFUND" - developing new approaches to finance R2 projects including green financing mechanisms and alternative currency approaches

9. "DEEPCULTURE" - what is going on in the worlds of entertainment, education and spirituality to shift our culture to a wiser way of being and doing?

10. "RENERG" - pushing the envelope in renewable energy systems, from smart grids to intelligent green transport systems.

On day 1 of the event, we will lead into these tracks with an overview of the 7 criteria R2 has developed for activities to be classified as "Second Renaissance" projects and programs, thereby qualifying for our support. On each of the three days we aill also feature an inspiring keynote address, and we'll end off with a big bang fiesta on Saturday night!

We've put together a short video trailer of the event, so click through below to find out more.

With warm regards from your R2 Team in Perpignan

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