samedi 12 décembre 2009

The WorldShift 20 (WS20): An Independent Council to Complement the G20

As of 11 December 2009 
THE G20 


We have now entered a critical phase in the 
history of humankind. The future of our 
species is at stake. The world as we know it 
today is not sustainable. We either find a way 
to make it sustainable, or we face the specter 
of breakdown and ultimately of extinction. 
 Ervin Laszlo 


In recognition of today's accelerating global crises, and the corresponding opportunities in 
nearly every area of human activity and endeavor, the Club of Budapest, in association with 
its worldwide partner organizations, is launching: 
The WorldShift 20 (WS20): An Independent Council to Complement the G20  


The WS20 is to articulate the collective voice of humanity, drawing on the heritage of all 
peoples, cultures and religions. Its core purpose is to transcend short-term and self-serving 
economic and political interests in recognition of the fact that thinking and acting in exclusive 
reference to narrow national or multi-national agendas cannot solve the global challenges 
currently confronting the human family. 


The Mission 


In his Foreword to WorldShift 2012, the Club of Budapest's new handbook for conscious 
change, Deepak Chopra writes "We are already living in two worlds. One world moves 
ahead by inertia from the past, like a massive luxury liner drifting at sea, while the other 
steps into the unknown, like a child entering the woods for the first time." He notes that the 
old world gets the lion's share of attention on the front pages of newspapers and on the 
evening news. We note in turn that it also gets the lion's share of attention in the meetings of 
economic and political leaders, including the G20 organization of nation-states.  


The mission of the WS20 is to give due attention to the new world emerging today, providing 
essential orientation so that it may no longer be like a child entering the woods for the first 
time, but become an informed and determined movement toward a peaceful, just and 
sustainable planetary civilization. 


Implementation of the Mission 


In order to consider the issues that affect life and wellbeing on this planet from the integral 
perspective of a new civilization, the Club of Budapest, in the framework of the recently 
initiated Worldshift Movement, is calling together global thought leaders of foresight and 
integrity from all parts of the world and all major domains of society, politics, economics, 
ecology, science, art, as well as spirituality. This eminent group is to constitute The 
Worldshift 20: An Independent Council to Complement the G20.  


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