vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Come join me on WorldShift 2012

Join me on WorldShift 2012
Michel SALO... 4 friends
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I invite you to joint me in the network of network Worldshift 2012 create by Ervin Laszlo.
My best to you
Michel Saloff Coste
Members on WorldShift 2012:
Marcel Cramer Marcel Cramer Robin Wood Robin Wood Graham Boyd Graham Boyd Ervin Laszlo Ervin Laszlo Carl Carpenter Carl Carpenter
About WorldShift 2012
WorldShift 2012 is a global movement dedicated to co-creating the foundations of a peaceful and sustainable world by the end of 2012
WorldShift 2012 216 members
160 photos
59 videos
32 discussions
8 Events
303 blog posts
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