samedi 30 mai 2009

Have you heard of The Living Matrix?

Have you heard of The Living Matrix?

If you've been followng my recent posts, you've noticed that one of my new favorite topics is the field of human energetics. I love how empowering it is: Dr. Bruce Lipton's work, for instance, on how our environment influences our genetic potential, and how we, in turn, influence our environment, means we have extraordinary capacities to change. And Lynne McTaggart's description of the brain as a receiever and transmitter of information, instead of a "repository," has amazing implications for the way we interact with others. It's already changing the way I'm moving in the world, and changing my own sense of what's possible, and the more I learn, the more beautiful and real this change becomes. 

I've done most of my exploring through books, though, which can make the material hard to share, as not everyone has the time to read. So this week, I'm delighted to announce a new film: The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing

It's an internationally-acclaimed documentary on the emerging field of bioenergetics
, exploring the idea that it's energy and information fields, not genetics, that drive human physiology. (To me there's something that feels so right about that... but it's nice to have the science to support my intution. ;)  And it's the most inspiring and eye-opening movie I've seen about the frontiers of human biology and power of the human body to heal itself.

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