dimanche 12 avril 2009

Fwd: R2 and Integral University Events

Objet : R2 and Integral University Events

Dear Michel,
It was a great pleasure speaking with you yesterday. We really need to coordinate the Renaissance2 Great Shift Gatherings in Perpignan with the Integral University Events in Paris on June 23rd and October 24th.
What is needed is a high-powered PC with a broadband line in order to run a video conference call. Such a call should last about a half hour.
Could you put me in contact with someone who could organize this vital connection between both organizations?
Best wishes,
Dr. Robin wood
President: Renaissance2
Chateau La Tour Apollinaire
5 rue Guillaume Apollinaire
Perpignan 66000 France
Skype= rlw777
+33 630 89 11 02

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