dimanche 25 mars 2018

Paris Talks: A Conference On The Future Of Humanity!

Join a group of decision-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, educators, futurists, environmentalists, economists and visionaries to:

predict, and


“The Human Species In The Year 2075”

The Paris Talks conference will address current and future innovations in Education, Technology, Science, Art, Design, Religion, Economy and Environment and the impact they will have on the Human Species by the year 2075.


1 Full-Day Conference for, with and by every Parisian Expats and their French friends,
12 + Influential Keynote Speakers & Entertainers
The Future of Seven Sectors will be discussed
900 + Futurists expected
40 + nationalities expected (talk about collective brain power)
Plenty of networking and connection-building opportunities
Coffee Breaks, Lunch box & Future Cocktail Party!

CONFERENCE TOPICS INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century. (Lecture by Riel Miller, the Former UNESCO foresight boss)

- Religion, Technology, and Humanity: Will Faith Be Obsolete in 2075?

- Investment Risk: How Millennials Are Re-inventing the Future

- When Privacy Becomes Currency: Welcome To The Uncertain Future

- Immortality & Human Genetic Engineering: The Art of Crafting The Human Evolution!

Find the entire schedule here: https://www.paris-talks.com/schedules

WHEN: March 26, 2018

WHERE: Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin 18, Boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris (Métro Station: Strasbourg-St-Denis).


85% of the Parisian English speaking and bilingual communities are already rating it as "one of the most intellectually, provocatively, disruptively inspiring event to attend in 2018"

97% of respondents rate Paris Talks as one of the best conferences in Paris.

The Parisian Media calls it “one of the best innovation conferences to inspire businesses and grow personally”! ... and they expect that “it’ll sell out fast.” But don’t take our word for it: read the testimonials below


"Undoubtedly the most meaningful conference anyone can ever attend these days..." – Bertrand De La Rivère, Le Figaro

“The one and only intellectually stimulating conference that’s not boring like those organized in Parisian Universities, ministries and public or private institutions...and it doesn’t sell or pitch you the latest tech gadgets from small businesses in the hyper-active startup bubble” - Product Hunt


1. You’ll sharpen your innovation and foresight skills with some of the world's top innovation speakers and doers

2. You’ll develop disruptive and innovative ideas using the same method the UNESCO foresight department has been using to help its member states and multinationals anticipate and craft the future for their own interests

3. You’ll re-energize over forward-thinking discussions and networking breaks, as well as the “Future Cocktail Party”

Find more on https://paris-talks.com (https://paris-talks.com/)