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Fwd: Climate change

Fwd: [Newsletter] Transition énergétique et énergies renouvelables

*La transition énergétique est nécessaire et passe par les énergies renouvelables*


A l'occasion de la 6e édition des Mardis de l'avenir, consacrée aux énergies nouvelles, Corentin SIVY dresse le tableau du potentiel des énergies renouvelables en France. La France fait partie de ces pays sans véritable ressource fossile abondante et bon marché. Mais cela représente une chance, car nous pouvons justement prendre de l'avance et développer les technologies de demain.


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*Penser le financement de la transition énergétique sur le court et le long terme*


Investir ou ne pas investir ? Telle est la question que se poseraient les acteurs économiques privés face au défi de la transition énergétique. A contrario, les acteurs publics et les responsables politiques sont persuadés du bien fondé et du besoin urgent de cette transition. Sans nul doute, la puissance publique doit devenir le pivot de la transition énergétique.


A l'heure où les acteurs financiers restent frileux face à des risques qu'ils connaissent mal, au moment où les pays développés courent après la croissance, la troisième révolution industrielle selon Jeremy Rifkin est en marche et n'arrive pas à trouver acquéreur à l'échelle nationale et européenne. Les nouvelles technologies, notamment dans le domaine de l'énergie, constituent une manne incroyable. Il y a eu l'or blanc au Moyen Âge, l'or massif venu d'Amérique et l'or noir de l'Arctique. Nous devons aujourd'hui exploiter et développer l'or vert, une ressource inépuisable. Il faut en être convaincu. L'Eldorado est en Europe. L'Eldorado se crée en ce moment. Reste seulement à aligner les intérêts des différents acteurs, trouver les bons outils de financement et adapter la temporalité.


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Fwd: What's On at Findhorn - July and August 2014

Findhorn Foundation
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What's On at Findhorn - July and August 2014

Hello Dear One

Before I tell you about what's coming up, I want to share with you that this year's EarthSings conference was again a fantastic week of singing for unity and wellbeing. It was such a joy to participate in some of the sessions and then have the pleasure a second time when writing articles for our website. The energy created during events like this is just so uplifting and transformational!

Sacred Dance FestivalSo I'm really looking forward to our annual Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song coming up in July. For those of you who like to sing, dance and maybe also play an instrument, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the connection and heart opening that comes when we gather together in a circle. This year's special guest teacher is Piry Krakow who conveys the dignity, power and grace of the Roma dances; Laura Shannon, together with Kostantis Kourmadias providing live music, shares traditional Greek and Balkan ritual dances; Barbara Swetina leads the Festival Choir and Bill Henderson the Festival Orchestra….(read more)

The summer months are a wonderful time to visit the Foundation. The gardens are lush and colourful, producing delicious salads and other vegetables for our meals and beautiful flowers to nourish our sense of beauty as experienced through the eyes and nose. The weather is warm and when the sun is shining, there is no better place on earth to be.

Our flagship Experience Week programme runs every week at this time of year and we also have a number of Special Experience Weeks focusing on music, family, youth, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian happening in July and August. So if you haven't yet participated in an Experience Week – seven days that can change your life and your world – and would like to, you're spoiled for choice. Please see here for a full listing of the various Experience Week categories.

Here's a taste of what else is on offer in July and August:

7-day workshops in July

Cultivating Life Force: Introducing Dao into Daily Life
In a merging of Eastern and Western spirituality, engage with the un-nameable mystery that infuses all of life and develop a Chi Gong practice to connect into oneness….(read more)

New You, New Planet
Stand in your centre and from there, step into your planetary role, becoming a powerful agent for a greener, happier planet….(read more)

Bending not Breaking
When life throws unexpected circumstances at you, how can you experience your inner strength and your ability to bend and not break….(read more)

Creations in Nature
Follow your intuition and use light and tides to experience the natural process of creating and letting go….(read more)

Pathways to Authenticity
This rich journey of deep self enquiry is an opportunity for your joyful and authentic healing presence to emerge….(read more)

Special 3-day event in August
with Robert Holden

Happiness and the Enneagram
Understand yourself better, heal inner blocks, enjoy your life more and experience the peace and joy of your soul's true nature….(read more)

7-day workshops in August

Apriamo il Cuore Sacro (in Italian)
Meditazioni guidate, esperienze nella natura, lavori con il corpo ed altri strumenti per esplorare il Cuore Sacro e trovare in noi stessi con chiarezza….(read more)

Your Exquisite Body of Light
Explore your healing potential by familiarising yourself with directing energy flow and embodying a bridge of positive intention between heaven and earth….(read more)

Awakening to Change – A 5Rhythms® Waves Dance Workshop
As the world changes around us we are called to dance deeper into our vulnerability and access our strengths….(read more)

Nature's Soul Music
Have you ever sung a rainbow or made a simple instrument which wind and water can play….(read more)

Reconnect with your life force and reawaken to the beauty and pleasure of being alive, moving and relating….(read more)

The Multidimensional Body of the Earth
Experience the 12-dimensional aspects of reality of the wider Findhorn landscape in relation to corresponding aspects of the human body and being….(read more)

Wholebody Focusing
Beneath our stress and trauma lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to move our life situations forward….(read more)

Returning Home (in Spanish, Italian and French)
An opportunity for Spanish, Italian and French speakers who have already participated in Experience Week to deepen their engagement with the inspirational values and principles found here….(read more in Spanish, Italian, French)

Barefoot Facilitator – Tools to Radically Transform Groups
Do you feel called to enhance your ability to facilitate deep and lasting change in the human systems of which you are a part….(read more)

For the full schedule for July and August
visit the calendar of events page on our website.


If you are a Facebook user do check out Findhorn What's On, our Facebook page where you will find up-to-date information about our programmes/workshops/events.

Would you like to be kept informed of what's coming up with regards to our webstreamed events? If you haven't already done so, please email with your name, country of residence and email address, and 'Please add me to the Finhdorn Live mailing list' in the subject line.

We welcome your feedback at any time about these emails – the content, format, frequency – and we look forward to welcoming you here, whether you connect in person or via Findhorn Live.

With blessings from the Findhorn Foundation.

Sandra Mitchell
for the Communications Team

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