mercredi 4 août 2010

Networked Intelligence, Futuring, and Strategic Navigation

Here author and futurist David Hames talks with Ken about some of the key skills needed to adapt to life in the 21st century. Really, these are so much more than skills—they are more like entire intelligences or languages that today's leaders need to be fluent in if they wish to thrive in today's world. Listen as David and Ken plot a course to more sane and sustainable future, unfolding a vision that calls us to greater possibilities, greater prosperity, and our own greatest potential.
"Probably the most critical thing about the Five Literacies is that it is an integral praxis—it's not a theory, it's not a method, it's a holistic view of integral praxis in terms of knowing what one should be practicing, but then becoming more than you have been in the process." -Richard Hames [+more]

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