mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Fwd: [Sri Aurobindo Ashram] To celebrate the coming of 2012 , a video...

To celebrate the coming of 2012 , a video...
Nilesh Nisar28 décembre 08:34
To celebrate the coming of 2012 , a video watchable online:
Or directly on youtube:

Evolution Fast-forward
An Auroville-produced video about the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo
and the Mother, done entirely using computer motion graphics. It
presents the evolutionary crisis, the two negations and the synthesis
of Consciousness and Force. For those who already know about Sri
Aurobindo and the Mother the video provides a contemporary way of
presenting their teachings. For the new generation who may not know
about these two visionaries, the narrative style of the video using
universal symbols makes their vision and world view easy to access.

Would love to have feedback and support through our website for this
non-profit movement.

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Cyril Dion
Cyril Dion a partagé un lien.
Les anonymes, héros de l'histoire en marche
En 2011, le peuple a fait son grand retour sur la scène de l'actualité, renversant des dictateurs, dénonçant les marchés financiers. Au sein de ces mouvements, des inconnus qui souvent s'engageaient, pour la première fois...