jeudi 7 juillet 2011

Fuel for Life: 10 Strategies for Nutritional Freedom | Integral Life

Fuel For Life: 10 Strategies for Nutritional Freedom
Shawn Phillips and Ken Wilber

In this week's dialogue, Shawn Phillips and Ken Wilber talk about one of the most important (and least discussed) components of integral living: food and nutrition. It may seem interesting that Shawn frames the issue of food and nourishment as "nutritional freedom". But that is exactly what it is—freedom to make the very best and most informed decisions possible. Even describing our approach to nourishment as a sort of "freedom" offers a refreshing and much-needed break from "diets" and similarly restrictive-sounding language. After all, integral living is not about limiting or taking anything away from our lives—quite the contrary, it's about enhancing our lives,increasing our awareness, and maximizing our happiness. It's about making ourselves healthy in every aspect of our lives—and nutritional freedom is the cornerstone to any healthy and happy life....