dimanche 19 février 2012

The Future of Western Civilization

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A message to all members of Renaissance2

Dear R2 Global Meshwork Member
We trust your 2012 has begun well, even if the state of our world does seem to range between "precarious" and "improving slowly" depending where you look and whom you speak with.
There are a wide range of stimulating new blog posts and videos on the meshwork this year, but the highlight so far has to be the wide-ranging and far-reaching dialogue between Dr Nicholas Beecroft and Dr Robin Wood on the Future of Western Civilization- set aside some quality time to enjoy this 90 minute feature length, often hilarious romp through the frustrations and aspirations of our age. "Entertaining, educational and inspiring":

We also recommend taking a look at the equally inspiring interviews with Howard Bloom and Elisabet Sahtouris.
Earlier this month Robin also gave an exceptionally well-received keynote speech to the Nordic Baltic Excellence Conference in Taliinn Estonia, on "Vision 2050- Co-Creating a Viable Future on a Smarter Planet". Video highlights from this event will become available shortly.
From 27-30 April we are also planning an enjoyable and inspiring event here at Chateau La Tour Apollinaire: "Healing Ourselves, Healing our Society", designed so that you can come for one day or all four depending on your interests. The goal is not only to feature leading practitioners of mind-body and complementary medicine with live demonstrations and opportunities to experience these seemingly miraculous techniques, but also to forge a community of such practitioners across Europe.
In addition, we will be exploring what it means to Heal our Society, as we talk with world experts on a wide variety of topics about the solutions we need to ensure we can all make a living and also make a difference. Healthy individuals in healthy societies requires us to address both challenges simultaneously, and we invite you to become a part of the solution with us.
We wish you a wonderful week wherever you may be.

The Renaissance2 Team

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