mardi 12 juillet 2011


The research program for exploring long-term futures is being designed as a unique place in the world, where an interdisciplinary, international and cross-organisational team interacts on a continuing, networked basis to explore a diversity of possible scenarios for the long-term future and their likely implications for local strategy on the short term.

Our priorities are to: 
Create a rich, diverse set of possible scenarios for the long-term future.
Study the more robust scenarios and the critical factors of success within them for an individual, a company, a nation, and the world.
Experience a venue allowing a rich exchange of views and creativity within an international, multidisciplinary, networked organisation.
Establish a rich communication network regarding important issues of the future, to improve the awareness of concerned people and organisations.
Be a resource centre for organisations and institutions dedicated to studying the future, while providing analytical tools and strategies for shorter-term decision-making in a rapidly changing world.