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Contentment is...?

Hello everyone

How are you and what are your plans for today? Are you skiing, swimming, playing with your children, putting out the washing, planning a new business, wading through a load of emails, wondering what's next, watching the Winter Olympics, dreaming, eating pasta … or chocolate, laughing with friends? I love knowing that whatever you're doing and wherever you are, we are all part of the same Gaian living system, and part of a completely interwoven and conscious universe.

Marja2011You may remember that in my December email the community had chosen the quality of CONTENTMENT for 2014 at the winter solstice ritual. I wonder how you are all going with that…. Contentment is an interesting quality to hold in the midst of world events and some interesting world weather! For me contentment is supported when I surrender control, accept that order and stability are purely transitory and stop resisting what is; and contentment is present when I am using my gifts for meaningful projects. I hope you too can access that nourishing, warm feeling of contentment, at least some of the time.

You may be interested to hear that the live streaming of the winter solstice ritual was the second most widely viewed Findhorn event of 2013 (after Anna Breytenbach) and brought in many new subscriptions to our email list. (How to join this list is at the end of email.)

Spring officially arrived with the Celtic festival of Imbolc, 1 February. The days are noticeably lengthening at Findhorn and The Park and Cluny have been buzzing with spring clean weeks and the general liveliness of Applied Ecovillage Living with participants ranging from 21 to 58 years of age from nine countries – Brazil, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary, US, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK.

MorayCarshare8Another piece of buzzy news is that Park Carpool, begun seven years ago with three cars and 15 members, has grown to become Moray Carshare, a pioneering community-based car club with 47 members and nine cars, including the latest acquisition of two electric cars, helped by a grant from Developing Car Clubs Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government. Still based here at The Park, there is now a charging station funded by Energy Savings Trust Scotland and supplied by clean energy from our four wind turbines. For the full story click here.

A few weeks ago a new series of This is Your Life Findhorn-style began and what better life story with which to begin these surprise celebrations than that of our one surviving co-founder, Dorothy Maclean. The Universal Hall was full and many people, from near and far (including Roger and Catherine Collis and David and Julie Spangler on the big screen) told stories and appreciated Dorothy and her amazing life which has touched us all so powerfully. It ended with a standing ovation, a procession of heart-shaped and flower lanterns surrounded by butterflies and bees and Dorothy looking so happy and beautiful.

Dorothy Maclean(And thanks to those of you who emailed to say how much you enjoyed Dorothy's piece, Loved and Loving, in the last newsletter. If you missed it you can catch it here. For our most recent article on Dorothy, click here.)

I've also been reminded that Peter Caddy, co-founder, died 20 years ago on 18 February in a car crash in Germany. Peter played such a central role in grounding this centre of light and is remembered with awe and affection for his strong principles and forthright manner. We smile as we seek to emulate his three 'P's – patience, persistence and perseverance.

I'm sorry to have missed the happy celebration of Dorothy but I'm excited to be arriving back in Findhorn just in time for Earthsings, 12-19 April. It was a phenomenal success last year and I was so jealous hearing about the wonderful energy created by teacher and performer Kathy Bullock as just one highlight. I hope to see you there as we sing our way to unity and wellbeing via many musical traditions. For a full list of teachers click here.

I also want to bring to your attention – Reconnections@Findhorn: Values-driven leadership for the planetary emergency, 18-22 May. This is a truly inspiring collaboration, bringing together Jonathon Porritt (Forum for the Future),Robin Alfred (Findhorn Consultancy Service), Earthsings Friday Night KathyKate Rawles (University of Cumbria) and Kosha Joubert (Global Ecovillage Network) – a unique opportunity to reflect on sustainability at personal, professional and organisational levels. Reconnections is not in our brochure so for full details visit our website.

During the Foundation's yearly Internal Conference 6-10 January co-workers played a big group Transformation Game with the intention: We intend to stand firmly in our centre through this time of transition, opening new pathways to a generous, connected, creative culture.

This is a timely intention as we head towards New Story Summit: Inspiring Pathways for our Planetary Future, 27 September – 3 October, a week-long gathering of the global family for a collective inquiry into what a new story for humanity might be. This is a gift economy event, not the first at Findhorn, but also not our usual way, bringing up all the fear and anxiety many of us have around money – as individuals, as organisations and as part of a dysfunctional global economy. It's an interesting place to stand — one foot in the old paradigm of bills to pay and each person looking after his/her financial security from a place of lack and insecurity, and one foot in a paradigm of sharing, trust and plenty for all. We know that if we don't make a leap of faith into the new it will never happen, so we are leaping….

NSS2014BrandingNew Story Summit is already sold out with a waiting list as many places are occupied by participants from Africa, South America and Asia. Those of you who registered interest will be invited to book very soon, in order of date of registration.

Although everyone cannot be in the Universal Hall 27 September, the whole world can engage with this exciting theme of a new story for humanity by joining us online during the event viaFindhornLive.

In the lead up to the summit, we would love you to proactively contribute by joining us to build community on our Findhorn New Story Community Facebook page, subscribing to our Findhorn New Story Community YouTube channel and building momentum onTwitter. In this way everyone can participate – the more energy we generate the more powerful an event it will be, building practical foundations reaching far into the future.

If you are finding it challenging to get to Scotland this year, take heart – Judy McAllister offered a Transformation Game Facilitators Training in Thailand in February and then nipped across to Brazil to do the same. In the months ahead you can find everything from Joyful Parenting in Poland, Process Skills Training in Russia and Group Facilitation and Conflict Work in Spain to Sacred Dance in Germany and England. Visit our website for more information.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, may you feel content.

Love and laughter from all of us here at Findhorn

Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

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12 March 2014
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