dimanche 20 décembre 2009

Fwd: Happy Holidays to you all and here's to a Wonderful 2010!

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A message to all members of R2 Global Meshwork

Dear Renaissance2 Meshwork Members

It's such a wonderful time of the year ;-) My fabulous wife Elena has made the chateau into a cosy holiday retreat with decorations all around, and my incredible son and daughter, Callum (16) and Kirstie (14), are here in Perpignan until Christmas when they head back to the UK for holidays there. It's a time to be grateful for all the wonderful things and people in our lives, and to enjoy them to the full. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and find time to relax, refresh and renew yourself and prepare for a superb 2010.

2009 has been a hard year for us all, and so I'm sure we will all happily see it end on New Year's eve. In my first blog of 2010 I will be outlining how the world could be a very different and better place soon, and how. During December a great deal of relevant, interesting material has been posted to the meshworks- in particular, take a look at the entries below:

How Can we Catalyze Business and Social Innovation that Creates Sustainable Value?

Take a look at thesze three blogs by my colleagues during my time at London Business School, Gary Hamel, CK Prahalad and Costas Markides on the role of management, co-creation, and social value creation.


The Copenhagen Accord

Read the full text of the Copenhagen Accord here and form your own view on what needs to happen next. We would like to hear your opinions and views!


Obama's Message at Copenhagen:


Green Festive Season Tips



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Vraiment à lire !

Fwd: Forthcoming books on Integral Theory

Subject: Forthcoming books on Integral Theory

Here's an interesting list:


The SUNY Series in Integral Theory will be officially launched in 2010! The first four books are:

· A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy: Complexity, Integration, and Spirituality in Practice by Mark Forman

· Integral Theory in Action: Applied, Theoretical, and Constructive Perspectives on the AQAL Model. Edited by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens

· Integral Education: Exploring Multiple Perspectives in the Classroom. Edited by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Jonathan Reams, and Olen Gunnlauson

· Integral Psychotherapy: Inside Out/Outside In by Elliott Ingersoll and David Zeitler

Five more manuscripts in review which should be coming out in 2011. These five books are:

· Integral Approaches to Recovery and Addiction by John Dupuy

· Emerging Visions of Men & Women: An Integral Exploration of Sex, Gender, and Spirituality. Edited by Vanessa Fisher and Sarah Nicholson.

· Integral Christianity: Mystical Theology by Chris Dierkes

· Developmental Religious Pluralism: A Brief Introduction to Integral Religious Studies by Dustin DiPerna

· The Next Half-Step: Integral Leadership for the New Millennium by John Forman and Laurel Ross.

A number of other volumes that are in preparation. These include the following (note in most cases titles are placeholders and are aimed to provide a sense of the focus):

· Humanity's First Planetary Crisis: Why We Need an Integral Approach to Climate Change. Edited by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens

· Handbook of Integral Psychotherapy. Edited by Elliott Ingersol and Andre Marquis

· Integral Judaism by Marc Gafni

· The Unique Self. Edited by Marc Gafni

· Integral Coaching by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine

· The Elements of Integral Writing by Edith Friesen

· Principles of Metatheory by Mark Edwards

· Issues in Developmental Theory by Zak Stein

· Integral International Development by Gail Hochachka

· Integral Politics by Jack Crittenden

· Woman as Hero by Sarah Nicholson

· Futures of Knowledge Coherence: The Planetary Emergence of Integral Worldviews by Jennifer Gidley

· Research Across Boundaries. Edited by Markus Molz

One interesting thing to note is that the majority of the authors and editors of the volumes listed in the above three categories (in press, in review, in preparation) were at ITC 2008 and/or will be at ITC 2010. In this sense, these volumes represent the academic work of our conference community. They clearly demonstrate the ability of our community to produce substantive works that will contribute to the growth and emergence of the field of Integral Theory.

STUDY INTEGRAL THEORY ONLINE three online JFKU Integral Theory academic courses starting Jan 2010 are available. These courses are electives in the online Masters of Integral Theory, and are taught by leading integral scholar-practitioners. Please email Program Coordinator John Scheunhage at integraltheoryinfo@jfku.edu for course descriptions and more information.

- Integral Christianity taught by Chris Dierkes

- Shadow taught by Cindy Lou Golin

- Integral Ecology taught by Sean Esbjorn-Hargens

Brian Van der Horst