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Le défi de la crise par Futuribles

> Le défi de la crise par Futuribles
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The Kosmos Team is Growing...

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Dear Kosmos Reader,

Kosmos has been on the move! Like many of you, we are developing new ideas and technology that include you as we develop Phase II of our mission to build a new civilization and world community out of the ashes of the old. We are busy identifying and working with those who have awakened to the task and are seeding the ways of being and organizing for our common future. Phase II of our work involves creating a dynamic interactive community. We invite you to meet the Kosmos team that is making this possible.
Kosmos Board of Directors
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"Everyday I awaken with gratitude that so many of us are passionate about creating a global civilization and world community - in all its diversity - that works for everyone. Kosmos Journal has attracted thousands with the skills and vision for its realization. Imagine the impact when we all connect. Phase II of our work involves creating a dynamic interactive community."

Nancy Roof | Founding President, Editor
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"I've taken a leave of absence as an economic advisor and speechwriter (for Prince El Hassan of Jordan) to write a couple of books on the global economic crisis. I don't believe that we can find solutions to this difficult problem unless there is genuine change at the personal and commons levels, which can then be embedded in the rules and institutions of our political economy. That's why I'm so excited about Kosmos and its total commitment to individual and commons transformation."

James Quilligan | Managing Director, Centre for Global Negotiations, Global Commons Trust
J Schmidt
"My work in the world rests amid the large-scale shifts underway and re-designs needed at societal (macro) to organizational (micro) levels in support of them. My passion centers on the nature and development of mindsets - on transformations of consciousness - and how shifts in the world are fueled or limited by the personal and collective realizations of those involved. My service to the Kosmos Board is a natural extension of this engagement - as Kosmos represents a clear and distinct voice that informs and explores the potential for change, transformation, and evolution of society at large."

John D. Schmidt | President & CEO, Avastone Consulting
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"Throughout my professional life, I have been involved in international education. I use Kosmos Journal in promoting the transformative values and inner awareness required in addressing our global realities and opportunities. Kosmos is a voice in the emerging global civilization. As a teacher and international traveler, it is my privilege to help others hear and respond to the voice of Kosmos."

Tara Stuart | Professor of Communication Emeritus, University System of New Hampshire
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(Mary is currently on an extended trip to Africa where she is meeting with Wangari Maathai. We will send her message when she returns.)

Mary Davidson | Philanthropist, Personal Investment Manager Bank of New York (1979-2006)
Kosmos Staff
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"As a contemplative in search of what is universally true and real, and recent graduate of JFK University's Consciousness and Transformative Studies MA program, I am naturally drawn to Kosmos Journal as a leading voice of discernment in identifying the global changemakers transforming our world today. I feel called to help extend the reach of Kosmos' work through modern technology and web-based community networks, informing and inviting global citizens around the world to take part in our collective future."

Leslie Olving | Director, Communications, Technology
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"With a sensory neuroscience background informing my current research on the many benefits of yoga and meditation, I am fascinated in the intersection of perception, contemplative practices, and nervous system function. I believe that social change effectively starts from within the individual, that one's behavioral evolution through contemplative practice can ripple outwards and have expansive, synergistic effects on others. I am enthusiastic about the Kosmos mission to promote higher consciousness and greater compassion, and to facilitate the emergence of a new global culture."

Stephanie Shorter | Office Manager, Editorial Assistant
We plan to interact with you more frequently as we share our resources in the worldwide movement for individual, organizational and global transformation. We will keep you posted on the frontier of the global commons work we are supporting, informing you about how to participate, and looking to learn more about how you are making a difference.
Warm wishes,
Nancy Roof
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