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Matthew Fry
Matthew FrySeptember 8, 2010 at 3:53am
Objet : Best Idea For Humanity - Pixels For Peace
Hey Awesome People!!

Hope you're having a fantastic day!

I'd like to share something with you :)

I'm taking part in a competition called the Best Idea For Humanity and have recorded a video pitch for my idea. For the next 6 weeks I'll be marketing this idea with the intention of getting as many votes as I can so that I can progress through to the 2nd round of the competition.

I'm sending this to you because you joined this group which is aligned with making a world of difference, and I thought you might be interested in checking out my video..

I'd really love your support!

To watch the video visit either of these links:;;

You can find out more about my idea or vote by visiting my Best Idea For Humanity profile:;

·**•.♥ Deep bows of appreciation ♡☺

Sending much LOVE!

All the best,

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Fwd: Bioneers at Findhorn

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Date : 7 septembre 2010 17:59:04 HAEC
Objet : Bioneers at Findhorn

Dear All,


Apologies for sending this out to a whole group of people at once. If your are receiving this, I have reason to believe that you might be interested to know about this event.


Bioneers at Findhorn is the last big event I am organizing at the ecovillage before my move to Spain in December 2010. I would love to see many of you join this unique conference and also help me celebrate three and a half great years at Findhorn.


If you have not heard about Bioneers yet, have a look at the short article I wrote about the Bioneers movement for the UK edition of Positive News (second attachment).


I would appreciate your help in promoting the event. Please forward the links or this e-mail to anybody who might be interested, mention the event in your blogs, twitter messages, on your websites, on Facebook, LinkedIn and to any networks you are connected with. I have attached a provisional schedule (third attachment).


Thanks you very much for your help, and hope to see you in late October. Do get in touch if you want to offer a short presentation at the event. There is still room to create more parallel workshops and we also have an Open Space session planned.


All the best,




Bioneers at Findhorn 

Breakthrough Solutions for People and Planet


30 Oct - 2 Nov  2010

Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland





"No conference on Earth celebrates more fully the possibilities of creating a world that is conducive to life; Bioneers is central to the re–imagination of what it means to be human."  

Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest 


*Explore the forefront of progressive change 

*Engage with leading edge people and ideas 

*Discover powerful opportunities and strategies for life affirming transformation 

*Celebrate the wonder and genius of nature and human creativity 


Speakers include Vandana Shiva, Ann Pettifor, Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, Maddy Harland, Peter Harper, Liz Hosken, John P Milton, Lady Diana Whitmore, May East, Andres Falconer, Galen Fulford, Barbara Kovats, Bernd Walter Müller,   Alan Watson Featherstone, John P Milton, Clare Carpenter, Tony Hodgson, Daniel Wahl, Rob Hopkins (on video-link, tbc) and Naresh Giangrande.


Recorded Presentations from the 2010 Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California will include: Dame Jane Goodall, John Warner (Green Chemistry), Lynn Twist (Pachamama Alliance), and Andy Lipkis (Tree People).


There will also be in-depth workshop sessions, cultural events in the Findhorn community and networking opportunities.


Creating an equitable, compassionate and democratic society requires all of us to integrate diverse aspects of sustainability:  transition towns, biomimicry, earth jurisprudence, resilience building, bioregionalism, water stewardship, organic farming, ecological architecture, zero carbon transport, renewable energy, eco-literacy education, eco-entrepreneurship, permaculture, and environmental restoration. It also calls us to include indigenous wisdom, natural design, social justice, the media, holistic medicine, engaged spirituality, youth work, women's leadership, and many other fields. 


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Contact and Booking information

See webpage  or phone 01309 691653

Dr. Daniel C. Wahl, FRSA

Research & Innovation (World Modelling)
International Futures Forum
Academic Director
Findhorn College
Scottish company number 215385
Scottish Charity no. SC 031792 
Associate Researcher & Research Supervisor
Centre for the Study of Natural Design
University of Dundee

Mobile: 07794 315888 
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