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Fwd: Tamera Newsletter May 2014

Photos from left to right: Open learning space in the coming "Escola da Esperança," Basic Education, filmmaker Ludwig Schramm`s new clip

Tamera Newsletter  -  May 2014

Dear friends of Tamera,

Like many people in the world, we are very concerned about the situation in the Ukraine. A global crime is happening there, a horrendous disgrace. Regardless of what may have happened, the transition government in Kiev has no right to fight the pro-Russian activists in eastern Ukraine with military means. 
War is fundamentally no means for solving conflicts, for war always generates more war.  We know this from history.  But the injustice in this case goes even further because (with the exception of some riots that happened) the pro-Russian activists have actually not wanted anything more than to demand their civil rights. 
For good reasons, the first soldiers sent to the east by Kiev have refused the war.  They refused to shoot at their compatriots.  One must imagine this situation.  Young men receive the order from a government, which actually isn't one, to shoot at mostly young people their own age without being given any understandable reason for this.  This alone is an outrageous injustice. 
No war can ever be won, for humaneness is lost in every war.  Long meetings are now taking place in Washington, Brussels and Berlin over how the upcoming catastrophe could still be prevented.  There is only one answer, and it is for the scoundrels in Kiev: Immediately withdraw all military units from eastern Ukraine and end the war! 
Read the new statement on Ukraine by Dieter Duhm.

News from Tamera:

New Website and Fundraising Campaign of the School of Hope in Tamera: A new culture needs new schools. Every child carries an intuitive and authentic power for peace within them. Nurturing this power is the most important goal of the Escola da Esperança – the School of Hope in Tamera. We can proudly say that many crucial steps have already been taken toward the start of Escola da Esperança, the first international school in the Alentejo, in September 2014. Our application for the status of private education establishment with public access has already been submitted to the school authorities and is currently awaiting the decision of the Portuguese Ministry of Education (DGEstE) in Lisbon. In our new website we have tried to represent our fundamental beliefs in a way of learning according to the laws of life. And it portrays our children and teenagers' joy of living in the pictures and videos. We hope you feel inspired by our work. We would very much like to connect the launch of our new web page with a major fundraising action. Being a privately owned school, we do not receive public funding neither for the construction nor its operation.
We invite you to: Join many other people in supporting part of our costs and help us make this vision come true!
Or, perhaps, you can be the initiator of a sponsoring group! For more information:

Basic Education of the Tamera University: From June 1 – July 12, 2014, we will again host the Basic Education for peace workers. It is a six-week training course for the development of Healing Biotopes, focused on the core areas of Autonomy School, Love School and the Thinking School. It provides an initial study of the basic thoughts, an intense community experience, as well as practical experience in creating the material basis of self-sufficient future models. Read the detailed schedule for this time:

Finally a film about Tamera: In the past years Ludwig Schramm and his team have made several short documentaries about certain sub-projects in Tamera like the Water Retention Landscape, the Tamera SolarVillage Testfield or the Escola da Esperança - School of Hope and more videos that you can discover on our Grace Media Channel. This year, with the dedicated team of the Institute for Global Peace Work (IGP), he decided that it is about time to take on the challenge to make ONE film about the whole project. Help him fund everything he needs to make an extraordinary film that explores the complexity and importance of the Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal. And watch the appetizer video that he made:

For the Campus: We are looking for professional vegan chefs for our guest kitchen. Please contact: office(at)

Please read and watch more news about Tamera and its projects on our new website

We greet all our friends in the world!
The Community of Tamera

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With a monthly contribution in the amount of your choice you become part of the realisation and part of the increasing planetary community, which will bring peace models into being worldwide. More:
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