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Integral Academy : a postgraduate adult education school in Budapest

Opening its doors in 2006, Integral Academy is a postgraduate adult education school in Budapest, Hungary, in Central Europe. The mission of this academy is to teach integral theory and practice in a deep and clearly structured manner, with a comprehensive approach including all the elements of AQAL theory: quadrants, levels, lines, types and states of consciousness. After our initial work doing short workshops and courses, we recognized the need to create a comprehensive program. Rather than people only sampling or tasting integral philosophy or practice on short lectures or one-time weekend workshops, our desire has evolved to allow people to be immersed in integral theory and practice, so that they can come to a fuller understanding of the benefits of the integral approach as developed by Ken Wilber.  On the practical level, our aim is to accomplish the dream of creating integral general practitioners, as Wilber termed them in 2004.  The certification we provide to those who complete the program is integral counsellor, a term chosen to be consistent with Hungarian professional requirements.

Although our school started in 2006, Integral Academy as an institutional form was established in the spring of 2009, after several years of preliminary development. Bence Gánti, the Founder of Integral Academy had been studying and working with integral theory, its dissemination and naturalization in Hungary for twelve years (since 1997), before setting up Integral Academy in February 2009. After the initial years of developing the contents of course material, he elaborated a three-year integral psychology training course that he launched in 2006 within the institutional framework of Monász Adult Education Institute. September 2006 was the date of the onset of integral courses in the world at three different locations at the same time: two universities in the United States (JFK and Fielding) and our school in Hungary. The uniqueness of our school lies in it's content and its practicality too. When developing this training the main objective was to create an integral study and development experience, where besides the thorough and systematic in-depth theorethical course students also experience a three-year group pyschotherapy, and two-years of integral councelor training, where they develop practical counselling skills and techniques. Also there are required to participate in a 2-weeks meditation retreats (of their choice, from any authentic tradition with a living lineage), and contribute to a culturally creative community, where - as a result of the interplay of the elements mentioned above - their personality can develop and unfold onto a level 6, integral stage and above. Our primary aim with this school is to foster the personality development with this 3-years journey to reach integral level and above. We believe passionately that this is how we can serve humanity, and it's center of gravity in this transient age to get from postmodernity to post-postmodernity – at least that few percent that Ken Wilber predicts to reach the critcal 10 % in the next 10 years.

We feel, that by now (2009) we succesfully tested our course, and we accomplished the first steps. Our first generation of students succesfully finished the third year, with all of the theoretical studies, exams, therapies, retreats, community life, integral councelor training, and final thesis. We have more and more students each year, and the school grows, and with it – as the only and most serious integral happening in Hungary – the news of integral have spread around the whole country from lays to professionals. Integral theory and psychology became a known concept.

We also established ourselves in the lower-right reality on a national level, by gaining the permission for tuiton from the Ministry of Labor of the Hungarian State, and the accreditation from the Adult Education Accreditation Board of the National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education.

Our plans from now on is to work internationally, by building collaborations, and to enrich the global integral community, as we offer our experiences to the world.


Integral Europe International Gathering in Budapest - 5th of January. European Integral leaders gather in Hungary in person and over video-call. Special guests: Ken Wilber and Terry Patten.


Explore the psycho-sexual development line with Bence Ganti on the 5th of January in Budapest. Integrate sexuality in all levels using Freud, Deida, Wade, Ganti and other experts on the field.


Open day in our Academy presenting Integral Psychology on 1st of March in Budapest. Lecture, workhsop, experience. Meet the teachers and the students!


We invite you to our special Christmas Eve on the 22nd December 2012. just 2 days before Christmas. Take you soul back home for Chirstmas!Shamanic drumming, yoga music, world music. Invite all your friends, relatives and children for this special occasion.Please bring

tambourines, drums,...


Date: 8-9th December 2012.

Join our overall course about the psychology and spirituality of shamanism from all over the world and get an insight to

Eurasian shamanismAncient Hungarian shamanismNative Americans' ancient cultureTribal teachings and spirituality of Oceania and Australia


Fwd: Samedi 4 mai : l'Incroyable (R)évolution des Colibris !

Samedi 4 mai : l'Incroyable (R)évolution des Colibris !
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Chers Incroyables Colibris,

Ce samedi 4 mai, plus de 45 villes en France - mais aussi en Belgique et en Suisse ! - se sont engagées dans cette nouvelle journée d'action.


Rejoignez-nous pour planter et partager librement fruits et légumes dans les rues de nos villes avec les Incroyables Comestibles et Kokopelli.

Soyons nombreux à promouvoir une agriculture bio, locale, et citoyenne !

Près de chez vous, un évènement "Incroyables Colibris" existe sûrement !

>>> Voir les villes mobilisées près de chez vous

Allez vite découvrir le film court réalisé à l'occasion du lancement de la campagne agriculture. Faites-le circuler autour de vous !

>>> Voir le film "(R)évolutionnons l'agriculture"

Financez la (R)évolution !

En donnant 5 euros, vous contribuerez à financer les kits d'action envoyés sur les territoires :

  • Des sachets de semences Kokopelli à partager et à planter,
  • Des affiches de la (R)évolution,
  • Des flyers de l'évènement.

SAMEDI 4 MAI, venez (r)évolutionner l'agriculture avec nous !


Virginie, Myriam, Barnabé, Gregory, Laura, Anne-Laure, et toute l'équipe de Colibris


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Fwd: Congrès annuel de Quantique Planète Reims 2013

Une Nouvelle approche du vivant les 16 et 17 novembre à Reims


Pour cette 4ème édition, nous allons recentrer le Congrès autour de ses intervenants et vous "participants", en créant des espaces dédiés à l'échange.

Vous serez 1200 à partager cette "Nouvelle Approche du Vivant"
rencontrerez les intervenants et d'autres invités des éditions
précédentes autour de tables rondes et espaces débats.

Vous découvrirez entre les conférences de nos experts,
des performances surprenantes.

De la lumière, une intimité partagée, et un sens du "Recevoir",
de l'échange spontané et vivant !

Les places sont limitées, nous vous invitons à réserver votre entrée,
avant le mois de juin.

Déjà 700 inscrits sur 1200 places disponibles !

Et pour ceux qui sont déjà inscrits nous vous assurons une expérience
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C'est en bâtissant que l'on devient architecte
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Et verrons au terme d'un temps intense
Le plaisir d'être Un, puis tout, et vivant !
Célébrons ensemble, les 16 et 17 novembre de cette année,

La fusion créative des esprits libres et savants
Au service d'un projet commun…….


Une Nouvelle approche du vivant !

Nous vous remercions pour votre confiance.

L'équipe Quantique planète

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